Your teen deserves the best

Boarding schools, private schools, and programs that fit their special needs

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A different approach

At “A Home For Teens”,  we are not just in the business to make a quick buck off of your anxiety and hopelessness. We genuinely want your child to succeed in life.

At “A Home For Teens”,  we match your child with the boy’s school, girl’s school, residential treatment program, or wilderness program that will help them become a successful adult.

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Evaluating your teen’s needs

Finding the right solution

Helping with the admission process

Following  up on success

Your teens are good people, who need help making good decisions.

A Place For Teens will help you find the right setting for your troubled teen.

Our focus is matching each young man or young woman to the program that they need.  Helping them reach their full potential and become the responsible and productive adult that you knew they could become.


We make it our business to help your family succeed!

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